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THURSDAY APRIL 19th:  ALL GAMES ARE ON AS OF 11AM.  We will change the field status on the site if that changes.




Picture Make Up Day is Saturday April 21st, at Solana Vista.  Your team's manager will notify you if your team is doing a group make up and the time for that; other players may come between 9:10am and 10:30am to do individual picture make ups. Players should wear full uniforms and bring their favorite mitt or bat.



Saturday April 21st one of our SBLL families will also be offering homemade tacos (fish, chicken, carne asada and adobada) and gorditas at the Shack at Solana Vista for lunch.  This is some of the best Mexican food in town!



Mark your calendars for SBLL's annual Buddy Day on Saturday, April 28th.  Our TBall teams will take the fields at Solana Vista with their Majors/AAA counterparts.  We will also have a bouncy house and other attractions set up.  More information and exact times to come soon.  Come cheer on our TBall players and enjoy a day of youth baseball!



Field Status
CDC (AA) - Solana Beach OPEN (4/20) 
Outfield Grass Sol Vista - Solana Beach OPEN (4/20) 
Solana Vista (AAA) - Solana Beach OPEN (4/20) 
Solana Vista (Majors) - Solana Beach OPEN (4/20) 
Solana Vista (TBall) - Solana Beach OPEN (4/20) 


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Little League 2018 Bat Rules


SBLL will provide two team bats for each team that are approved fo use in 2018, but if you want your child to have his own bat you MUST get him/her a new bat that is approved for 2018 use.  You can not use any bat that has not been approved for 2018 (all previous bats are NOT allowed anymore).

For more information, click HERE.